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Toner Cartridge Handling

Here are some recommendations on handling your toner cartridges from Cartridge World Pasadena.

When toner cartridge is new or freshly remanufactured
When buy a new or remanufactured printer cartridge here are some things to keep in mind.
  • If you can, allow the cartridge to acclimate to it's surroundings before trying to use it.  

  • Do not expose the cartridge to extreme temperatures such as those that can result from leaving it in a hot/cold car.  Exposing your toner cartridge to high temperatures may fuse the toner into a large single block inside the cartridge.  Installing the cartridge into the printer at a later time could cause damage to your printer as it tries to rotate the toner inside the cartridge.

  • Keep the cartridge upright and horizontal in the box that it was packaged.  Transport and store the box horizontal and upright at all times.  Do not bump or drop your cartridge.  At Cartridge World Pasadena we do not seal most of our cartridges.  This means that the toner is already engaged and ready to print when you take the cartridge out of the bag.  

  • Keep the cartridge in it's protective box and bag until you are ready to insert it into the printer.  Most cartridges have parts which are sensitive to light and should be kept in the dark.  Exposing the cartridge to light for a prolonged periods of time could damage the light sensitive components and cause defects in your print.

  • If you see a pull-tab on the cartridge remove it before placing the cartridge into the printer.

  • Handle your new cartridge carefully.  Most cartridges have a DRUM component which is used to form the image before it is transferred to paper.  The drum may be covered by a protective shutter, or could be exposed.  Do not touch the drum with your bare hands as fingerprints and oils on the drum could cause printing defects.  If the drum is exposed, take care not to ding it on any surroundings.  If you need to put your cartridge down for any reason make sure that there is no pressure on the shutter which is protecting the drum.  If need be, put the cartridge such that the shutter is facing up and is not bearing the full weight of the cartridge.

  • Install the cartridge into the printer immediately after removing it from it's protective packaging.

  • Some Brother, Dell and Lexmark printers physically separate the drum from the toner cartridge.  When removing the old toner cartridge make sure to unlatch it from the drum so that you do not need to remove the drum and expose it to light.  Brother cartridges have a blue or a green latch on the side of the cartridge which unlatches the toner.  Dell or Lexmark printers usually have a button on the front of the drum to release the toner cartridge.

  • If you have a machine such ad Dell, Lexmark or Brother with a separate drum unit and you notice excessive toner or paper dust on the drum bring the drum to Cartridge World Pasadena and we will perform a complimentary cleaning of the drum for you.  Take care not to damage the drum by scratching it or exposing it to too much light.  Ask us for a drum bag next time you in our store.  Place your drum in this bag for transport to and from our store.

When toner cartridge has run out
Here are some handling tips to follow after you have exhausted or believe that you have exhausted the toner in your cartridge.
  • Don't panic!  You did buy an extra cartridge that you have placed by your printer for this very occasion, right?  If so, take the empty cartridge and replace it with your new cartridge.

  • After you have installed your new cartridge, place the old cartridge into the bag and place the bag back into the box.  

  • Cartridge World Pasadena attaches yellow stickers to the top of our boxes so that you can mark that the cartridge in the box is empty.  Make sure to place a mark on the sticker otherwise you may forget and think that the cartridge in the box can still be used.  Please do not write or put markings on the box.  We reuse our boxes as many times as we can which helps the environment, reduces our costs and keeps your prices low.  

  • Return all packaging materials that were used to package the new cartridge with the old cartridge in the box.  We reuse packaging materials when packaging new cartridges.  This further helps the environment and reduces waste.

  • Do not leave your cartridges in a hot car.  The heat can melt and distort internal blades which could result in toner leaking out of the cartridge.