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Printing on labels or bond paper

Most printers have no problems printing on labels or bond paper, however, issues printing on this media come up frequently at our store.  Our clients call when printing on special paper produces streaks, back-grounding, toner dumping or all of these symptoms.  So, if you are printing on labels or bond paper and getting gray background on your printouts, horizontal or vertical streaks of toner, too much toner being deposited on the page, or lines from your ink-jet printer try this solution.

Before pressing the "OK" button on the File|Print dialog box, use the "Properties" option to change the type of paper loaded into your printer.  Just press the "Properties" button.

From the properties dialog for your printer navigate to paper settings and select the paper that is loaded into the printer.  For labels choose the "Labels" option and for bond paper choose "Bond Paper" option. 

Notice other settings for other papers.  Make sure to choose the right setting based on what kind of paper is loaded into the printer.

These steps are required because most laser and ink-jet printers are optimized to print on standard regular print paper.  Some ink-jet printers will try to detect the type of paper loaded into the printer, but sometimes the detection is not as accurate as the user simply telling the printer the type of paper being used for printing.  The printer uses this setting to optimize the paper thickness path, height of the ink cartridge, temperature of the fuser and other settings in the printer to produce an optimal output on these special media types.

So the next time you are printing on anything other than standard paper, don't forget to let you printer know that.

Also, make sure to choose the label printer produce which is right for your printer.  See our Choosing the right label product for your printer article to learn what to look for in label paper products.