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Finding information to fix your own printer

11/27/2010 by Alex Paransky 

In my line of work, I am frequently confronted with issues having to do with misbehaving printers.  While I know much about printers, I do not know everything about all the printers.  Here are some resources that I use to search for information regarding specific printer issues.

  • this website hosts a forum where people help each other resolve various printer issues.  Simply go to the forums and use the search feature to search for the model of your printer with a brief set of keywords to describe symptom.  Chances are the issue you are having has already been identified and resolved by another individual.

  • this website specializes in all kind of "fix-it" advice and does not necessarily specialize in printers.  Because of this, you may or may not find the answer to the problem you seek, however, it is a good resource to check anyway.

  • The HP Business Printer support forum can be found here and the HP Consumer Printer support forum can be found here  If you have an HP printer these are great resources to search for answers to your questions.

  • Some specific instructions having to do with using remanufactured ink jet cartridges can be found on  This website has instructions on what to expect when using remanufactured ink jet printer cartridge and how to bypass some of those nagging "out of ink" error messages.

  • Finally, make sure to use to search for the printer model and the trouble that you may be having.  
Internet is really a great resource which bridges the distances between individuals and brings people together on a topic across thousandths of miles past, present and future.