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Choosing the right label product for your printer

At Cartridge World Pasadena we remind our customers that when selecting the type of labels to buy at your office store pay attention to the type of printer that the labels are designed for.  These days, labels are optimized for either an ink-jet printer or a laser printer.  The ink-jet labels are optimized to accept ink, prevent smearing, reduce splatter and allow ink to dry quickly.  The laser labels are optimized for the higher temperatures of the fusers found on laser printers as well as various toner properties.

The boxes are designated for the type of printer the labels are designed for.

So the next time your are shopping for labels pick the product that is right for your printer.

When using a laser printer to print on labels make sure to properly configure your printer and let it know that it is printing on labels.  See our Printing on labels or bond paper article for more details, explanation and specific configuration options that you may need to choose.