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Avoid Printer Firmware Updates

11/25/2010 by Alex Paransky

From time to time a printer manufacturer may release firmware updates for your printer.  In some cases, the updates are designed to fix a legitimate printer problem. However, in many cases they are designed to disable 3rd party chips used on remanufactured cartridges.  If you are using remanufactured cartridges and are having no issues with your printer you may want to decline the firmware update when your computer asks you to do it.  

Before accepting any firmware or software update in general, make sure you understand what the update is fixing and if it is worth the risk of updating.  

Some drivers are configured to automatically install the updates without asking you, the user.  Make sure to change the settings in your driver to always ask you before performing any firmware updates.  

For example, a recent firmware update for Samsung printers renders many after market cartridges inoperable in the updated printer.  If you are using a Samsung printer and would like to continue using remanufactured cartridges do not install any firmware updates on your machine.