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Print Head Cleaning

A clogged print head can make even the best photo printer look like a third rate product.  If you are experiencing streaky prints on your photographs and regular print head cleaning did not resolve your issue give  us a call.  Instead of spending $60+ on a new print head or buying a new printer, we may be able to clean your existing print head and restore its full printing capabilities. 

For just $29.99 we will use the equipment in our store to clean out the print head on your printer.  If we are not successful at cleaning your print head, you pay nothing!  So next time, before spending money on a brand new print head, stop by our store and let us check your printer out.

This service requires that you bring your printer to our store.  You may be asked to leave your machine at our store overnight.  We want to make sure we can test our work and we do that by using your printer.

Here is an example of what we can do.  The Canon MP830 multi-function printer retails for about $350 new.  Our customer was ready to recycle this printer.  When it arrived at our store, the nozzle check produced the following pattern.

As you can see many nozzles and colors were not even appearing and only half of the black print head was printing.  After our cleaning service we printed a nozzle check with the same machine which produced the following pattern.

All the colors are now appearing and printing perfectly. 

So, if your printer is not printing at it should and you have done all you can, let us take a look at it before you spend money on a new printer.