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Replacement cartridges for HP OfficeJet Pro 8000/8500 are available

posted Jul 31, 2010, 8:41 AM by Omar Huda
With the release of HP OfficeJet Pro 8000/8500 system, HP continued their tradition of offering one of the best ink values on the market.  The HP 940XL series of cartridges can print  up to a whopping  2200 pages with the black cartridge and 1400 pages with color XL cartridges.  Dollar for dollar, this is the BEST ink cartridge value you can get.  In some cases, it is even less expensive than laser toner cartridges.  This is the reason why we recommend this printer to our customers who want a color laser printer for home use. 

While the older HP 88 series of cartridges were dye based, HP has stepped up the ink in the HP 940 cartridges and started to use pigment ink.  Pigment ink lasts longer and prints sharper than dye ink.  They also resist fading.  This is the reason most commercial wide format printers use pigment ink instead of dye.  So all your documents look that much better. 

For a while, the ink for these cartridges was not available.  However, we have just found a vendor which produces the specialized ink for this cartridge and have concluded a number of successful tests.  We can now refill the HP 940 series of cartridges and save you even more money!  Your existing color cartridges can be refilled to the XL capacity even if they are NOT XL cartridges currently.  However, for the black, you would need to have your XL black cartridge.  Due to the limited supplies of empties, we can only refill YOUR cartridge at this time.  So, don't throw away your empties we will need them. 

One last thing.  The chip on this cartridge which controls the ink indicators is still not available as a replacement.  The chip controls the empty ink level indicator you see on your computer when using the printer.  Because we cannot replace the chip, your printer will say that the cartridge is empty, even though we have refilled it.  We have instructions on how to override this condition and continue printing.  The only thing you will not have is the ink level indicator.  Simply print until the cartridge is no longer printing.  Because you will not know when the ink will run out, we recommend having a replacement set available at all times. 

If you are planning to buy some HP 940 cartridges at Staples so that you can have a replacement set available, we recommend spending a little more for the HP 940 XL Black cartridge, however, stick with regular 940 NON XL for the colors.