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Replacement cartridges for Epson Artisan printers now in stock.

posted Jul 31, 2010, 9:04 AM by Omar Huda
We now have replacement cartridges for Epson Artisan 700, 710, 800 and 810 series of printers.  The black cartridge comes in a high capacity of the T0981 series of cartridges and the colors are in standard capacity of T099 series of cartridges.  We do not require empty cartridge exchange to purchase these cartridges.  Therefore we recommend that you leave your empty cartridges in your printer and do not remove them until you have replacements ready in your hand.

Simply stop by our store and pick some up today.  This way you have replacement available when you run out.

Epson has created a very complicated chip recognition system on their new series of cartridges.  Because of this, the replacement (and sometimes even Epson original cartridges) have recognition issues in the printer.  This means that the printer does not recognize a cartridge as being a valid cartridge when it is inserted into the printer.  Because of this, we recommend getting a backup set of cartridges.  If at any time, the cartridge you install into the printer is not recognized, mark it as bad, and put your backup cartridge into the printer.  Bring the bad cartridge to our store for an exchange or refund, anytime.